Instructions for installing BDSB 2012-2016 performance fuel rail for KTM & Husqvarna bikes

Remove the tank, seat and muffler.


Remove the upper and lower shock bolts.

Now the shock will slide out of the right side. Just lift up the back of the shock and let the top fall down and it will come out past the tire.

Remove the lower 2 subframe bolts and just loosen the top 2 subrame bolts, do not remove them.


Loosen the front airbag clamp, that holds the airboot to the throttle body.


Flip the subframe up.

You will have to yank on it a bit, as the airboot is stuck on the throttle body. Keep yanking and it will come up.

Once up, tighten down one of the upper subframe bolts  and it should stay up and out of the way. Now you can easily get yo your fuel rail.


You now have access to the throttle body. You will loosen the clamp that holds the throttle body to the front rubber boot. Loosen it quite a bit. Pull and wiggle and the throttle body WILL come out. Then undo these 2 phillips head screws and your fuel rail and injector will come out. Pull the injector from the fuel rail. You don’t need to take anything else off of the throttle body.


Go ahead and take the fuel line off of the old fuel and place on the new rail with the new hose clamp. Put a little lube on the injectors red O ring and slide into the fuel rail.


You can now install the injector assembly back into the throttle body and secure with the new, supplied allen screws.

The new rail installs just like this. Clip the injector clip back on all the way and install the throttle body back into the rubber boot. A little grease inside the rubber boot will help it go back in. Don’t tighten the clamp yet.


Put some grease inside the rubber air boot, where it fits over the throttle body and make sure the clamp is nice and loose. This will help it fit back over the throttle body easily, when you lower the sub frame back down. Wiggle the body around a bit if needed to help it fit back in. Now tighten it all back together.


The longer piece of fuel line that is provided goes here between the tanks fitting and quick disconnect, if needed. If you are using our 90 degree tank fitting, you can use this and cut to size or use the stock line.  This picture is missing a hose clamp on one side, but don’t forget it!