The 2017-19 450 is a great overall bike.  Good power. Smoother and easier to ride than a 500, but has more grunt than a 350.

    Here are a few key things you need to know about these bikes.

1. They are definitely not the 450 race bikes.  These have all of 41-42 horsepower, while the race bikes have over 60.

2. With our "power bundle" kits, which open up the restrictive intake, exhaust, get rid of the emissions and get the right amount of fuel to the bike, you can get 51-52 HP, but no more unless you changed cams, piston, head and throttle body

3. They are extremely, plugged up and lean, so that they can pass California emissions. Thanks California. 

4. To get them to run better, you can't just do one or two things, because so many parts of it are wrong and restrictive.  That's why we created the "power bundle" kits.  This way you just get all you need, to fix the various restrictions, and at a bundled price.  Also, all the parts are designed to work together, and the fuel programmer comes with the settings, that are proven to work really well.  So no guessing with this kit. Just do it and enjoy.

5. The wheels are unbalanced over 50 mph and if you have a tube and the rim lock in there, where Husky want's them, the wheels will shake and hop and you'll think the front end is coming apart.

6. The stock fuel pump and filter, inside the gas tank are junk. They will up and fail at anytime, leaving you hardly running or not running at all.

     Sounds horrible I know.  Don't worry though, we have well thought out and well designed fixes for all these problems. And at the best prices you'll fins as well.  Lets go through them as the available bundles first, and then go through them as single items.


Our wheel weights, are 2 stainless steel plates, that get pulled tight to the spokes, with the bolts. Two spokes go in between the plates.  The plates get pulled together, and the weight will stay in place through any race.  They bolt to 2 spokes.

    They are placed across the wheel, from the centerline between the rim lock and valve stem.  They weight 3 oz so are the perfect ballpark weight for the front and rear wheel.  One weight for 14.95, does one wheel.  With over 800 sold, they must work pretty well

     Who's kidding who. Most people just want all the extra power the bike has stuck inside of it.  They also want it to start easier, stall less, run cooler and just pull strong and smooth all the way to top end.  Plus, sound like a dirt bike and even be more reliable.

        And that's what the Power Bundle is for.  Its all you need in one kit.   Let's analyze what you get and why

17 500 exc silver.jpg

     Here is everything you get. Which is all you need to open it up, fix fueling, fix stalling and hot running, and fuel system clogs.  It works with your stock ecu and still maintains all the factory inputs, to compensate for altitude and temperature.

     The exhaust end cap is avalable in silver, which keeps it looking just like stock, so the park ranger never asks a question, or a black end cap. So you can show some flair

Also, all of the parts are available separately, you don't have to get the whole bundle.  If so, do them in order you see here, but the Fuel programmer is required at the same time you open up the exhaust, or it will run to lean

1.   There are "emissions" on the bike, or smog as some call it. This stuff doesn't hurt performance, but can cause issues with running, so on the 17-19 bikes, it's best to just get it off, or at least disable it.  All the stuff you need to take of it, is included.   You can see what it takes here.    

2.  Because the intake system hardly flows any air into the engine, the exhaust end cap hardly had to let any air out of the engine.  And because hardly any air goes through it, hardly any fuel has to be added, to get it to run really lean.  SO, the next part of the power bundle kit is a free flowing end cap, to be used with the stock muffler.  Silver or Black in color, it's part of the kit.

3.  At this point, the bike will need more fuel added to it, to run right.  When exhaust flow opens up as much as it did, it makes the engine automatically run leaner. And it was already so lean before, that it struggled to run right.

     On 2017 - 2020 450's , 500's and 501's , you HAVE to use a piggyback fuel programmer to get enough fuel to the bike, at all the RPM's.  TPS tuning, like older bikes and the 250/350's doesn't work on these particular models.

     And we have designed the best programmer in the business, For only around $200 it works as well as any high dollar aftermarket ECU.  It's part of the power bundle kit, with tested and proven settings, all listed out for you

 4.  So now the big power starts.  Getting the reeds out of the intake tract ( that's right, these fools put a 2 stroke reed cage            between the air filter and the throttle body ) is the final huge gain in power.  Now that the air can get out, and you have          fuel, you need to get it into the motor.  But when you take the reed cage out, you're left with a big rectangular hole.                       Have you ever seen any kind of high performance intake that is a rectanguar hole? You have not.  So we made an                intake tube, to get the intake tract back to the proper shape.  This does nothing for top end power, but increases intake          velocity down low, so you get good throttle response and drivability back.

 5.   Now that all the main things are addressed, we include 3 more parts, that promote unrestricted fuel flow.  These are the         3 parts in our FUEL BUNDLE #1.                                        

     The 3 parts are a higher flow 90 degree tank fitting, which comes with spigots to fit the stock and all aftermarket tanks


   The large area / quick disconnect fuel filter, which filters better and won't clog like the stock one

And our straight shot fuel rail.  This helps with starting, throttle response, stalling and reducing flameouts

No product

No product

And since people use aftermarket mufflers, we have a bundle with no end cap. The parts and programmer work perfectly this way too.

                                                                    Again, you can buy all the parts seperate.

     The next big thing to fix really is to replace the stock, crappy fuel pump and the cheap plastic in tank filter, with better stuff.


2012-20 KTM - Husky Fuel Pump For 250 -

     Luckily, we have found good pumps from Taiwan. We sell A LOT of them and have a few thousand miles on one of them, so thay have a good track record. And, we actually test them before they get shipped, so you know they'll work.  The pumps come with 3 lengths of fuel pump tubing, so they fit all tank configurations from 2012- 20 bikes.