The Ultimate 2019-21 350 XCF / SXF / FX / FC Bike Build

2019-20 350 XCF - SXF -FX - FC Bike Buil

These new 2019-2020’s are a game changer folks.

They made a few, but very important changes in the right direction, radically changing the bike for the better (over the 2016-18 models).

When we bought the bike, the reason it was most appealing to us, was the fact that for 2019 it got the DDS clutch. And that changed it all.

You see, from this side of things, one of the most asked questions of 2018 was, “do you make a clutch weight for the 2016-2018’s?"

And the answer was always no, or we’d have one listed for it. It just couldn’t be done for that style clutch.

Well, now it can be done, and that's exciting news because owners of this bike will be that much more satisfied.

We’ll get back to the clutch weights in a moment, but for now, let’s get started with our Ultimate 2019-20 350 XCF / SXF / FX / FC Bike Build.

So how much juice does this 2019 350 XCF pump out?

54 horsepower. Which is the same as last year, and the year before.

This video below was taken on a hot 100 degree day. And on a cool day when the temp is 70 degrees in the dyno room, the power has been as high as 57. 

You can see the dyno pull in the video below…

This is map 1 vs. map 2 below. Map 2 is the blue line, which is the more powerful acceleration, vs the more linear acceleration of map 1. This run is in 3rd gear.


So here is the thing about the 350 xcf, which is really the same thing with the 17-18 350 xcf, and that is, It has enough mid - top end power to do almost anything.  Our main focus is shooting for not only more bottom end, but making it more rideable.

In this case, more rideable means lowering the chance of flameouts and stalling, and getting a smooth, strong bottom pull. This will make offroading that much more enjoyable.

It's important to keep in mind, that this engine is the motocross engine, with just another gear added.  The rotating assemblies in the engine are light, so that the bike accelerates quick.

The bottom end power is a bit weak, as a trade off for having all that top end.  For something like WORCS racing, or faster desert racing, this engine is totally acceptable.

For things like single track, tighter stuff and racing like GNCC stuff, we can definitely make some improvements.

Ok, now let’s start with fixing the biggest problem we hear about from riders and race teams alike…

In-Tank Fuel Filter


One of the biggest frustrations we hear from riders and professional race teams is the inadequacy of “stock” in-tank fuel filters.

In case you don’t know what they are, they are like the first line of defense for the fuel entering your bike.

Not only are the stock in-tank fuel filters a small size and low filtration level for these bikes - sooner or later they will split from the fuel injection pressure and break inside your tank - which means you’re going bike is going to be running poorly or not at all!

Take a look at how our yellow filter looks, compared to the stock brown one in the image below.


You’ll notice ours has twice the surface area. It’s also a much more appropriate 10 micron filter. Cars use 5 micron filters, and the stock ones in your bike use 40 micron. So obviously that’s letting way too large of particles through.

There’s a few other filters on the market that may seem like they would work, but be careful because they most likely can’t handle the 50 psi pressure the fuel injection system uses.

So unless you want to possibly take a long walk home because your stock filter blew apart for no reason, then we suggest just getting our tried-and-true filter replacement.

Next let’s talk about the crappy stock fuel pump that will also cause you issues or failures.

You can pick it up below for only $89.95

Fuel Pump

The stock fuel pumps that come on the new bikes are made in China and don’t work very well. Our fuel pumps are much better in quality, performance, and reliability.

And it’s almost impossible to find a better solution anywhere, so we sourced our In-Tank Fuel Filters from Taiwan, because the ones from China are no good.

Also - we test each fuel pump before shipping it out to you, just for quality assurance.

You can pick it up below for only $89.95

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 The "In-Tank Fuel Filter / Fuel Pump