As of Oct 20th, 2020, probably the oddest year ever, the fueling options for 2012-22 bikes has changed again.

     For the 17-19 year bikes, The bikes really need to have some fuel added to them, if you let a lot more air in and out of the motor, by opening up the exhaust and the intake tract.  Since the intake tract has the reed cage and reeds from the 2 stroke engine in there, the air flow going into the engine is really held back.  

     This allows for  a really plugged up exhaust, and therefore not much need for fuel.  This lets the engine not need much fuel annd therefore, it can run real lean.

     This becomes a problem when you unplug the exhaust and the intake. NOW, the bike needs a lot more fuel.

     The booster plug and high pressure fuel regulator only work on the 2017-19 bikes.   On the 2020 - 22  500's and 501's, the booster plug and high pressure fuel regulator work great and provide enough fuel only in used with our oxygen sensor eliminator.  This combo of these 3 parts, create a nice air/fuel ratio between 13 and 14.5:1

     So this is your fuel pressure regulator, which is located inside your gas tank. It's job is to determine how much fuel pressure gets to your fuel injector.. The stock regulator lets 50 - 52 psi through to your injector, if all is working right. The extra pressure that gets made, then bleeds out the side of the regulator and fall back into the tank.


     Now this is our new High Pressure regulator, going in it's place.  The stock regulator is still connected to it's drain tube.  This works well, because you can just drop the stock regulator  into the tank, and the drain tube holds it from banging around to much in there.

     Then you can use the hold down bolts ( 2  torx screws size T 10 ) and secure the new one in place.  The new one doesn't have a pipe on the side to connect to the drain tube.  It just uses a hole, which is normal for most things, so it's fine.

     Now the fuel pressure to the injector increases from 50 - 52 psi to 58 - 60 psi.  This is an increase of around 15%

And how would that make the bike get more fuel?  Even though the injector is open for the same amount of time, for fuel to flow through it, the extra pressure behind the fuel, now blows more through the injector holes.

     So, this is an easy way to make a lean bike run richer.  It is not biased either. The extra fuel richens the bike up, every time the injector opens. So it works from idle to redline.




     So one of the 2 ways is our high pressure fuel regulator.  It's really only needed if the reeds are taken out of the intake tract, so it can help get enough fuel in the engine for the added air flow through the intake tract.  If just a stock 17-19 bike, or a 17-19  EXCF/XCFW/FE or FE-S bike with and opened exhaust, you'll want to use the Booster Plug, explained below


     The item above is called a Booster Plug.  It's actually pretty clever and works great, to richen up our bikes.

     The 2012-19 bikes, do not have O2 sensors in the pipe, so the Booster plug will add 6% fuel from idle to wide open RPM's.  On the 2012 -16 bikes, this is really all the fuel you need added on the EXCF / XCFW / FE or FE-S model bikes.  

     On the 2012-16 bikes, it will help on a stock bike, but is a must, if you open the exhaust flow up in any way.

On 17-19 EXCF / FE-S bikes, this will add 6% fuel throughout the RPM range, since these years don't have O2 sensors in the pipes.  This is good for a stock bike and OK for just an exhaust change. It will still be on the lean side for just an exhaust change.

     On 17-19 bikes with an opened exhaust, and when you take the reeds out of the intake tract and use our intake tube, Then you must use the higher pressure fuel regulator along with the Booster plug,  to get the correct fueling throughout the whole RPM range.  With these 2 adding fuel, the bike will run as good or better than any other way of adding fuel, and also be the most reliable as far as nothing ever going wrong

The Booster Plug just plugs into the air temperature sensor, located on the airboot somewhere.  It just fools the sensor to think the air is colder out than it really is, and therefore the ecu gives the bike more fuel.  It's kind of like what we do with TPS tuning. We are just fooling the ecu in an effective manner.  

      Some chat site and internet dumb dumbs ( senior memeber on a forum just mean the idiot thats been spouting off crap the longest ) think TPS tuning is bad, but it's really not much different than this.  They may frown on this too.  But they also are 60 and live with thier mommies still.  

      So whether you use the programmer or this Booster plug and fuel regulator, you get all the great fueling you need, at 1/4 the price of the high dollar ECU's.