Adding Fuel & Power to Your 2012 -22 KTM / Husky / GAS GAS Dual Sport Bike
For EXC /EXCF / XCFW / FE / FE-S models

One of the most confusing things about owning a 2012-2022 EXCF / XCFW / FE or FE-S model KTM or Husky, is realizing that your bike has various running issues.  Then you get on the great web and get a whole lot of opinions about ways to add fuel to your bike and what's best and if it's even needed.


Things people talk about to add fuel,range in ideas and price from maybe $35 to $1100.   And you're going " jeez man. I just spent $13,000.oo on this bike and now I learn it's all corked up and I have to spend another $2000?"  I need some help.


That's what this page is for and here you go.  Not only have we researched everything since 2012, but we can sell whatever we think is best and we have even designed some of it.  So here is the truth of it all.

Please keep in mind, that what works on the 2012-16 model years, has nothing to do with the 17-19 model year changes.  And both of those, have zero to do with the 2020 - 22 models with thier oxygen sensors in the exhaust pipes.

2012-2016 KTM & HUSKY BIKES   

These are the EXCF / XCFW / FE and FE-S models. On these bikes, the EXCF and FE-S models, which were the street legal models, were just leaner in thier fuel programming in the 1/3 throttle area.  This was becasue the EPA knew this was where most people rode, when on the street.


Therefore, when the exhaust was opened up and the bikes automatically ran leaner, they really had flameout and stumbly running in this critical area.  The rest of the RPM range was lean too.  The offroad models we not AS bad, but still ran better when fuel was added.


These bikes really only needed some simple TPS (throttle position sensor ) adjusting to get the fuel right, or the use of the Booster Plug.  We have both on this page 

They are both simple and both effective. More people use the Booster plug we have now. We have doen a little work with it, so it works awesome on the USA and Canada spec bikes.      You can read more about both as well, on these two info pages

2017-2019 KTM & HUSKY BIKES   

These are the EXCF and FE-S bikes.   These bikes are so plugged up with not moving air in and out of them, that when you fix the exhaust and intake, you need about 20% more fuel getting to bike, to really get it running well.

The 250's and 350's are actually a bit different than the needs of the 450's and 500/501's.  The difference is that you could actually just use TPS tuning on the 250 and 350 and get enough fuel.  That doesn't work on the 450 /500 and 501's.

We use to use and sell the $700 Vortex ECU and $1000 GET brand ECU for the bikes. It became quickly apparent though, that both of these had issues and that was a lot of money to spend to have problems. It left to a lot of frustrated customers.  And after we were able to design the piggyback programmers well enough, to run better than these ecu's, we quit selling the ECU's.

Now we had or piggyback programmers, which we didn't make, but designed the base fuel program for.  These are still a good option for all the bikes, especially the 450's 500's and 501.   BUT, they have reliability issues sometimes too and seems like we can hardly ever get them, as the manufacture can't keep up.


They do run well though and people like them because for better or worse, they can play with the fuel settings and try to do better than we have come up with.  You can learn more about these here

After we got frustrated enough with not being able to get programmers for weeks on end, plus various complaints about them, it became time to search for a better option.

This option ended up being the Booster Plug we did a bit of work with, to do well on the USA spec bikes, and the higher pressure fuel regulator.   The combination of these 2 things, honestly worked better overall, for fueling than anything else we found.  This is for fueling with our Power Bundle Kits, or when you uncork the intake and exhaust.   


This option ran better throughout the range than any other fueling option, is bullet proof against any problems and is only $195. You can learn a bit more here.  This is true plug and play. 

2020 - 2022 Bikes

These are the EXCF / XCFW / FE and FE-S bikes.   These bikes have Oxygen sensors in the exhaust pipes, which makes them behave and react different than the previous years.

The difference is, that the O2 sensors really do try to pick up the changes you've made to the exhaust and the intake tract, when you open them up, and provide the extra fuel the bike needs.   Try as it may though, when you watch the Air / Fuel meter in front of your face, as you ride down the street, you realize it's still way to lean for power and reliability. 

The bikes run around at a 14.8 Air / Fuel ratio up until about 7000 RPM's. Then they lean out to 16-17 :1, and this will leave you walking home due to a burned motor.  Ratios around 14:1 are still ok and safe and make economical power, but you don't want much leaner.

The Vortex and GET brand ECU's again had the same issues and just a lot of money.   The programmers work and over ride the O2 sensor enough to where the bike runs richer, but again, they always seem to be hard to get and and some have had some issues with those working perfect sometimes.  

You can learn more about fuel programmers here.

     There are 2 ways to go right now, on the 500's.  We have the fuel programmer and the kit with the oxygen sensor delete, booster plug and high pressure fuel regulator.     The programmer is a simple plug in and then you set the buttons on it ( easy ) to what it says at the bottom of the instruction page.


     It works just fine with the 02 sensor and gives the bike the most fuel in the mid range to wide open area.  So if you are snowbiking or hillclimbing, then this is the better way to go.

     If you just want to install some parts and not worry about stuff, and fuel mileage is more important than overall pulling power from mid range on up, then use the kit with the 02 delete/booster plug and high pressure fuel regulator.

     The 350 bikes perform better with the fuel programmer

It needs a point made, that the one bike that runs better with the fuel programmer, over the booster plug / regulator, is the 2020 - 21 350 EXCF / XCFW / FE and FE-S.  The 350 likes to be rich in the midrange, to get a strong mid range pull.  This gets rid of the flat spot you see on that bikes dyno chart