Big Oily and Billet Clutch Covers

The Big Oily clutch cover is one of those simple designs, that because of a few innovations, is kind of genius.


Being made of billet aluminum makes it strong from cracking or breakage, in case you fall over and the cover lands on a rock.  Lots of clutch covers are billet though.

This one, however, has a large cut out, in the bottom of it, which holds 9-10 oz.’s more clutch oil over the stock cover, depending how high you want to fill it up in the sight glass.


The very bottom bolt that holds the stock cover on, is not used with the Big Oily, so we can get this much capacity.

And no, obviously this doesn't cause it to leak, or we wouldn't be selling it.  You’ll use your stock O-Ring for the seal.

And maybe the best part of the deal is, now you have the room under the clutch cover to use our larger Clutch Weights, without it rubbing on the inside of the cover.

You can see the stock clutch on the left, and a Clutch Weight added to the outside of the clutch in the pic on the right.


Our Clutch Weights add 9.0, 11.2, or 15.8 ounces of rotating mass to the engine, which helps keep that rotating mass… rotating!

The clutch weight adds tractability to the engine, and significantly reduces stalling or flameouts.

We even have a bundle deal for you, so you can have the cover and weights together, and save a cool $40.

Advantages of the Clutch Cover (in case they aren't obvious):

1. Since it's much stronger than the thin, cast clutch cover, if you fall over and a rock smacks it, you’ll most likely survive the impact. If you smack the stock cover, it will most likely break, and you could be stuck in the middle of nowhere.

2. Extra oil is always a plus. You now have the ability to add up to 10 oz more oil, or 20% over stock capacity. That's 20% more area for metal particles and contaminants to go, so they aren't wearing out your engines surfaces instead.

3. Since this protective cover is also bare aluminum and exposed to air moving past, it helps get rid of the heat in the engines lower end, instead of keeping it trapped in. Heat causes wear and failure. Just like the reasoning behind fins on an air-cooled bikes cylinder and head. If the heat can't get away, it creates problems.

4. Many riders love being able to use our larger clutch weights, especially on bigger bore bikes. Bigger bore bikes both accelerate more abruptly, and stall more abruptly than smaller bore bikes do. Having more rotating engine mass using the clutch weights solves both of these issues.

If you’re ready to explore clutch cover options for your bike, see below.