emissions parts 2020.jpeg

     If you find yourself wanting to get rid of the emissions control devices, on your 2020 - 23 trail bike, when then you are not alone.  There is honestly 1 good reason to get rid of, or at least disable, the gas tank evaporation system, you see below

     The best thing to do at this point, is just explain what we are trying to accomplish and why.  Then you can decide which route is best for you to take.

     What we are trying to just have a " free breathing " gas tank.  We want the tank vent line, to just vent to the atmosphere, like in the pic you see below.  Just like any other dirt bike is vented

     Why  we are trying to do this, is so the fuel evaporative system doesn't clog up, causing it to vapor lock.  When this happens, your bike will not want to idle, and will try to stall out.   If it's going to happen, it will most likely happen when you are going up and down hills.  If it does happen on the trail, then just pull your vent line from the gas cap until you get home.

gas line.jpeg

     If you want to just disable the evaporation system, for pretty much free, then just do this.   Follow the gas cap vent line down to the plastic "Y" fitting, on the right side of the from of the frame.

     Just pull the line from the Y fitting and put a rubber vacuum cap over the opening on the Y fitting.    It's a 1/4" ID rubber cap, that you an get at any auto store.

    The cap will breathe free, and when the evacuation system turns on, well then it will just suck against the cap and the will be that.


     Now, if you want to get rid of the whole deal, well then that's easy as well.  You just need the little plug in dongle thing, and the bolt and washer, shown in this kit.


     To get to the brass vacuum fitting, that you see above, you will take off the muffler and mid pipe.  Then take off the motor mount on the right side, or brake pedal side of the bike.   Then you can easily get to the brass spigot here, which just screw into the intake tract.

     There is Loctite on the threads, and you really don't want to break the fitting off in the intake tract, so you'll want to use a pin style blow torch on it, to loosen the loctite.  You can use a regular handheld propane torch, but be careful to not burn the rubber intake boot.

      Use a long 8mm socket and try to loosen the fitting.  When it breaks loose, it's best to spray some wd 40 in the threads and let it hang out.  Loosen it slowly and work it back and forth.  Be cool.  You do not want to break it off

02 in haress.jpeg

     The bolt and aluminum washer, that comes in the kit, will go where the spigot came out of.   Now, all the rubber hoses can go away.

canister vs plug.jpeg

     You can now take the canister that you see here, on the foot peg, off of the wiring harness, and clip the dongle in it's place.  The canister sits on top of the crankcase, held to a bracket. All of that stuff can now go away.

     You can put the wiring harness and dongle up with the rest of the wires under the tank.

    And that's it.