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Metallic Texture

Installation Instructions

Installation is easy. Taking off the old radiator guards and installing the new ones is straight forward. If they seem like they fit weird, you may have them on upside down.

It's good to make sure the guard cut aways, line up with the radiators, as shown

All you really need to know about the crossbar assembly is,, fasten one side of the outside, first. The small bushing will fit into the guard and the bolt will go through. One of the 10m nuts will go on the back side.

The secret is, do one outside, and then do the other. Leave the bolts loose.

Then go ahead and fasten down the inside holes. The larger spacer will slide in through the inside, and the bolt will secure it. get both the insides in place before tightening down.

Then go ahead and secure all down. The guards may bull together a bit, which is normal, depending on the bike and year

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