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Installation Instructions

The injector split kit shown here is just a simple plug and extra piece of fuel line, that lets you move the left side injector back into the cylinder.

Doing this helps smooth out the extra power "hit" that both injectors in the relocation block may give you.

For some, the harder hit is to much. This helps smooth that out. Please add oil to your gas tank when using the split kit.

Basically you are just moving the left side injector back into the cylinder. You put the plug provided into the injector hole like you see here and put the assembly back together. If you block the other hole, no fuel will flow in and it won't run

It will look like the image here when done. You will use 2 pieces of your stock fuel line set up and the stock Tee fitting. You will use the small fuel line provided to hook the Tee to the fuel filter.

You may cut the fuel line for a better fit, depending on your filter or tank size,

You will re use hoses "T" and "L" from the stock set up. Also will use the plastic Tee fitting. Use the shorter side of the "L" hose to go to the injector block, and the "T" hose to go to the injector in the cylinder

You can use the other, longer hose if needed or manipulate whatever if needed. Either way it's easy to get the idea of what you are trying to do.

You may need to re adjust your idle when done. Start with the idle air screw at 2 turns out and then use the throttle plate adjustment screw to get the desired idle speed. If it changes when it's warmed up, then fine tune it with the air screw

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