KTM & Husqvarna Power Bundles

For European & Australian Model Bikes

     Power bundles for Australian and European spec bikes, are a little different than the USA spec bikes.  There is no intake tube, since AUS/EU spec bikes, don't have reeds in the intake tract that need to be removed.

     Also, the exhaust end cap is more free flowing from the factory, than the USA exhaust.   And finally, there isn't the Oxygen sensor in the head pipe on AUS/EU bikes.

      Which is why the slight difference in parts offered.   These kits give a good gain in power and response from idle to wide open.  Your bikes don't need the huge fuel increase that USA bikes do, so for most people, the kits with the Booster plug and High pressure fuel regulator are the best choice.     

      The kits with the fuel programmer, are really only needed for adding all the fuel you may want, to the top end, if you are doing something like beach racing or Finke, where you are pinned for longer periods of time