Oxygen sensor delete on 2020-22 EXCF/XCFW/FE/FE-S

o2 sensor.jpeg

     Please note, that some bikes, for some reason, get the engine code flashing for awhile when you do this. The 2020 bikes don't seem to, but the 2021 and 22 bikes do.   IT WILL go away after awhile.  It's just the ecu trying to figure things out.


     Above you see an oxygen sensor, or more commonly referred to as an 02 sensor.  On the 2020 and 22 model KTM EXCF / XCFW  and Husqvarna FE amd FE-S models, they have an 02 sensor.     The purpose of it, is to control the air / fuel mixture from idle up to 6000 rpm, where it is in what is called "closed loop" mode.


     This simply mean that the 02 sensor sends a signal back to the ecu, letting the ecu know how the air/ fuel ratio is burning.  The ecu wants to see the ratio of 14.7 parts air to 1 part fuel, while in the "closed loop" mode.  This lets the bike comply with EPA standards.   After 6000 rpm, the bike goes into the "open loop" mode.  This means the sensor no longer factors into the air/ fuel ratio and the bike runs at the ratio that is pre set in the ECU.   Which is still 14.7 :1 with the stock exhaust and the restrictive reeds in the intake tract.

     So what we are doing here, is eliminating this 02 sensor, which can give the bike a lot more fuel below 6000 rpm ( where the government knows you spend most of your riding time ).   And we eliminate it by unplugging the 02 sensor from the wiring harness, and plugging the specially designed 02 sensor eliminator you see below

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     Now when you look at the little plug there with the blue silicone on it, it may upset your fancy lifestyle since it's not real pretty.  But you don't see it and so I could care less about making it pretty for you.  All that really matters is we've spent the time, doing the research to find the right resitors to go in there, so that you richen up your bike from the 14.7 :1 to an area of around 13.2 :1.     

     There is one other place that makes these deals, that fit these bikes. But they also fit other bikes and they just sell it for these bikes since it fits and the engine light doesn't come on.  It's funny you'll never see thier fuel numbers advertised, because they don't even care what they are or try to get them perfect.  I think the motto is " if it fits, sell it"

                                             Here are the real world fuel numbers with our eliminator


     Above you see the standard 14.7 that the 02 sensor strives to achieve from idle to 6000 rpm in closed loop mode. We've run the bikes up and down the street with all the scientific documentation in place, in front of our face, so we can say these numbers are correct.

o2 plug in.jpeg
o2 plug 2.jpeg

     Above again you see the ugly little plug we make, plugged into the wiring harness, where you unplug the 02 sensor from.   Once you find the right resistance range, you can manipulate the ecu into a range of air fuel numbers.   

     We have gone as far as we could to get your bike as much fuel as possible, without causing engine codes to come on, on your odometer.  When you first start the bike with this plug, and move forward, the engine light will come on.   You turn the bike off and wait for the code to quit flashing, and then it won't come back on

13.4 af.jpeg

      Now you can see what the air / fuel ratio is like with the plug installed.  The bike ranges from 13 - 13.5 :1  air/ fuel ratio from idle to 6000 rpm.   And that's a big jump.  That's right there in the ballpark of the perfect ratio.   And it's easily available with the BDSB plug, for a mere $29.95.    

     This is where the research pays off for you, instead of buying whatever from whomever.  That's why you never see their real numbers or proof of numbers.  They don't even know what's going on.    If the codes don't flash and the plug fits, then sell it to the dummy and take hs $30.   Don't be the dummy

block off plug in.jpeg

     If you decide to remove the sensor from the pipe, after disconnecting it from the harness and using the 02 eliminator, then you'll want to use this 02 sensor plug here.  It's the right size to no interfere with exhaust flow and has a copper sealing washer with it

     If you live in a place where you are concerned about removing emissions devices, then I highly suggest you leave the sensor in place for appearance sake