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Oxygen sensor delete on 2020-23 EXCF/XCFW/FE/FE-S

It's against the law to tamper with this stuff, so we can't sell you anything to disable emissions .

The thing is, it really doesn't hurt performance that bad, having the oxygen sensor hooked up.  It just keeps the bike running about a 14.7 : 1 air fuel ratio, when the throttle is below 50% or the engine is below 600 rpm.  

You can open up the exhaust and intake, and the bike will compensate for this.  However, you will need the R3 fuel programmer we have then, to add needed fuel to the upper rpm range and throttle openings.

Before you get mad that the government is sticking it to you, with their rules, Just keep in mind that the bike will still run fine, and hey, your getting better mileage 

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