Our newest In tank fuel filter, is designed to replace the unrealiable Mahle KL 97, or plastic fuel filter inside your gas tank.  Why is it unreliabe? Becasue it has a plastic outside that is known to split easily.  This casues your fuel pressure to go away and strand you in the middle of nowhere.

     Our billet aluminum shell,  houses a huge, 35 micron stainless steel element. This filter is the same size as the stock one, so it's a direct replacement for it.  It has

        The stock filter is a 40 micron, so filters particles twice as small. It will never split or fail on you and the elemets are totally washable so it's a lifetime filter.  The last you'll ever need.   We do have rebuild kits for them as well, if you just want to swap out filters.


New style billet In Tank filter. Lifelong

$59.95 Regular Price
$49.95Sale Price