This is a good fuel pump from Taiwan which so far has proven to be far superior to every other pump that you can buy, which all are from China. The stock fuel pump is from China as well, which is why they fail so often.

       Every pump is run for 5 minutes at 58 psi to clean it's internals and make sure it doesn't lose pressure.  Every one elses pumps are shipped dry, so you get the initial filter clogging metal shavings.  Also comes with 2 lengths ( 4'' and 7") of hose that go between the fuel pump and the filter, which covers all bikes from 2012-2021.  Comes with a better fitting filter  Comes with 4 clamps.

2008-14 Husqvarna TE 310 / 450 / 510 / 630 Fuel Pump

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