Save $ when you get the high quality Taiwan Fuel Pump, with no leak stainer, our newest 20 micron large capacity, billet in tank filter, and fuel Lines, to  fit all years and Tanks .  

      All pumps are run for 5 minutes ate 58 psi to ensure they are clean from manufacturing grit and perform correctly.

     The stock in tank filter is plastic, so it splits, and only filters to 40 microns.  Our "new" in tank filter, is aluminum, so it can't fail, and uses a 35 micron stainless filter, which is cleanable.

     It's a lifelong filter.  

 Some Tanks need the longer Fuel hose between the Pump and filter and some use the shorter one, so you get both. This is a great way to solve your Fuel pressure and engine running problems, along with increasing the Fuel systems reliability.

2018-23 KTM/HUSKY FuelPump Bundle ( new type filter ) TPI Bikes all

$159.95 Regular Price
$124.95Sale Price