This Kit with the 9 ounce weight is the real deal for helping with stalling, flameouts and traction. These Weights are designed to work with, and only work with the stock Clutch. On the 250 bikes and 20 - 21 350's, the bigger Clutch Cover MUST be used.  On 17-19 350 USA spec bikes only, the stock Cover is ok. A full win-win-win deal for you. There have been no reports of 250 or 350 guys feeling any loss of throttle response with the 9 ounce weight. Just less stalling and flameouts.

This DOES NOT come with a new fill plug. You'll re use your stock one

9 oz Clutch Weight/Cover for 17-21 250/350 EXC-F / XCFW / FE / FE-S