This Kit with the big Weight is the real deal for helping with stalling, flameouts and traction. Save a cool $40 when you Bundle the Big Oily Clutch Cover for the 17-20  450 EXC-F / Six Days and FE and the 15.8 ounce Clutch Weight. using the Big Oily is the only way the Clutch Weight can be used on the 450, as the bigger Cover lets the Weight clear it without rubbing the Cover. The Cover let's you hold 5oz more oil with using the weight. The weight provides less stalling and flameouts and better bottom end traction. These weights are designed to work with, and only work with the stock Clutch.

Big Oily / 15.8 oz Clutch Weight / Clutch Cover Combo for 2017-20 450 EXC-F / FE

$179.95 Regular Price
$149.95Sale Price