It's everything you need to turn your lackluster, 43 hp 2020-2023  350… into a 55 hp monster. From the perfect Fueling the Programmer provides, to the free flowing exhaust End Cap. It has the intake tube, so you can take the reeds out of the intake tract, the Grunt Exhaust Manifold exhaust manifold for better bottom - mid power, the high flow 90 gas Tank Fitting, the Fuel Rail and the Large area quick Disconnect Fuel Filter. It's all you need for your bike to run like a dream! 

These are for USA and CANADA spec BIKES ONLY. EUROPEAN and AUSTRALIAN bikes use the kits for your bikes please

Power Bundle /Black Cap/Programmer 2020-2023 350 FE/FE-S/EXCF/XCFW/6 Days

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