Save a cool $25 when you get this Kit and get all you need for the best Fuel delivery system you can get for your bike. It has the high flow 90-Degree Tank Fitting, so your bike never leans out because the stock 90 doesn't flow enough. It has the longer and shorter (Black) Spigot for the 90, so it will fit stock and all aftermarket Tanks.It has the straight shot Fuel rial, so the bike runs stronger and less chance of flameout, and it has the Large area Filter. So no chance of clogs.

Fuel Bundle #1 for 2017-21 EXC / FE / XCF-W / FE-S

$174.95 Regular Price
$149.95Sale Price
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    Best Dual Sport Bikes designs performance aftermarket parts for KTM and Husqvarna brand bikes. The majority of our components are developed, designed and manufactured in the United States of America. Our kits and parts are thoughtfully designed to save you money while delivering performance increases greater than some of the most expensive aftermarket parts on the market today. 

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