Fuel Bundle for 2018-2021 TPI Bikes

$279.95 Regular Price
$249.95Sale Price

Save a cool $ 30 when you Bundle all you need to get your 2018-21 TPI bikes Fuel flowing issues fixed. It contains our better fuel pump fro Taiwan, as the stok one from China is junk. It contains the In-Tank Filter, to replace the crappy plastic Mahle KL 97 which splits. The kit also includes the high flow 90-Degree fuel Tank Fitting, and the Large Capacity quick Disconnect Fuel Filter. This Kit will allow you to run 1oz of 2-Stroke oil to 1 gallon of gas in your gas Tank, which eliminates all the dry start up conditions. And the In-Tank Filter won't split and leave you walking home. Fits 2018-20 250 and 300 TPI bikes, and 2020 150 TPI bikes.

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