Our new piggy-back style Fuel Programmer is the best overall choice for adding the proper amount of fuel to your 250 or 350. We have spent a lot of time on the Dyno with the Air/Fuel meter, designing the base settings in this unit so you can just plug and play.

     This is the ONLY programmer that is LEGAL to use in the state of California

This is the latest and greatest R + 10 unit. The R means it's the only one like it on the market that has an ajustable accelerator pump circuit. So you can control the response of your bike. The + 10 means the yellow and red circuit ( midrange though to end ) now has an additional 10 percent available fuel over past programmers. This is great for wide open and strong pulling mid range applications. NO OTHER SIMILAR PROGRAMEMR HAS FUNCTIONS THIS ADVANCED

     This works fine with the 02 sensor on the 2020 - 23 bikes. You can leave on or use our 02 delete, if you want to remove it on the 2020-23 bikes.


This is also a one of a kind programmer that includes an adjustable “accelerator pump circuit” which isn’t available anywhere else in the world. This allows you to play with the settings to give your bike a “fuel spike” for when you crack the gas quickly. This removes lag and flameouts when you need to get up and go quickly.


All you have to do is attach our Fuel Programmer to the bike, use the settings we’ve already set for you (or play with them within a range as you like), and your bike will be forever changed. It covers your fuel ratio and acceleration programming needs whether your bike is stock, has only opened up exhaust, or has opened exhaust AND intake!


Tampering with the ground wire voids the warranty

Fuel Programmer for 2020-2023 250 / 350 EXC-F / XCFW / FE-S / FE

$259.95 Regular Price
$239.95Sale Price