The only steering stabilzer system in the world, that actually fits and works on the 390.  Get control of your front end and the front end wobbles.

     It's simple in it's design, easy in the fitment and effective in use.  The one of a kind, designed stabilizer arm, is what lets it all work so easily.  

     It does raise the bars up .390", or 3/8" of a inch, so you can't use other bar risers with them and your stock cables.

     You can buy it with the stabilizer unit shown, or use your own.  It's designed to work with a "Scotts" type stabilizer head, or a Scotts brand head. It's been tested by many, in rocks, ruts, sand and mud, before being offered fo sale.

    On these stabilizer heads, you can only adjust the knob with the arrow on it, which is the main control knob.

KTM 390 Adventure steering stabilizer

$299.95 Regular Price
$274.95Sale Price