This kit has the NEW style rebuildable quick disconnect filter.

If you already have another muffler on your bike, but need the rest of the parts to get it's full potential out, then no problem. This Kits for you. It gives you all you need. Easier starting, far less overheating, much stronger response and acceleration and you can finally get the extra 10 hp from your 2017-2023  350 EXC-F  / XCFW / 6 days / FE or FE-S model bike. This has the Fuel Programmer, intake tube to get rid of the reeds, Grunt Exhaust Manifold exhaust manifold, Fuel Rail, high flow 90-Degree Fuel Fitting for all Tanks and the Large Capacity quick Disconnect Fuel Filter. (*Only difference between 350 and 500 is one extra o-ring around the Grunt exhaust manifold - see second image for 350)


These are for USA and CANADA spec BIKES ONLY. EUROPEAN and AUSTRALIAN bikes use the kits for your bikes please

Power Bundle/NEW filter / no end cap 2017-2023 250-350 EXCF/XCFW/FE/FE-S

$570.00 Regular Price
$525.00Sale Price