It'severythingyou need to turn your stock 2017-19 450 or 500 EXC-F and 6 days models, into a spectacular performer. You save $75 over purcahsing separately.It adds about 10 horsepower to your bike on top but also pulls hard from idle. It starts easy and runs strong and smooth and wheelies with ease. This gives you the bike that you thought you were buying. Just follow the instructions and have installed in about 90 minutes. You don't have to think or guess here. Just intsall and enjoy. Includes the Emissions delete Kit, the Fuel adders, exhaust flange, intake tube, exhaust End Cap, Fuel Filter, Fuel Rail, and90-Degree Tank Fitting Fits 2017-19 KTM EXC-F 450/ 500 and 6 days

Power Bundle / black end cap for 17-19 450/500 EXC-F / 6 days

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