Please read the top of this page to understand where this product affects fuel, and what you may need to do to affect overall fueling.

     This is the most reliable fuel programmer you can get due to the Generation 3 electronics package from the manufacture, Dobeck Performance. It also works better with finniky KTM electrics.  We have the exclusive on the generation 3 electronics for the KTM's.

     This adds 0 - 14% fuel from idle to 6000 rpm, (green mode )

You can add 0 - 30% fuel from 6-8000 rpm  ( yellow mode )

You can add 0 - 30% fuel from 8 - 11,000 rpm ( red mode )

You can adjust the amount of accelerator pump squirt ( green - blue mode )

R3 Fuel Programmer for 2019-23 250/350/450 SXF-XCF

$249.95 Regular Price
$239.95Sale Price