Now you can finally take your oil injection off of your TPI bike and just run pre mix.  That's only if you have our TPI Injector relocation block.  This does not work with stock TPI injection placement

     Just unplug the power clip from the oil pump and plug our dongle into the wiring harness.     The only other thing you need to fool is the oil level light.

      You can leave oil in the tank if you want, or just do what one of the pics show here, and zip tie the oil level float upwards.   Then you can remove the oil pump and all the oil in the tank.

      The stock ECU on a 2020-22 bike will fuel OK up to a 60:1 pre mix ratio.   More oil that that will make you run a bit lean.    Stock oiling is 80:1

     80:1 is 1.1oz per gallon and 60:1 is 2 oz of oil per gallon of gas

TPI oil injection block off dongle to use pre mix instead

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