This is the single best way to get your bike running better with it's Capability to add or subtract Fuel to your engine. It comes pre calibrated at 5.00 volts. You can calibrate with the jumper wire as shown and dial in 5.00 V output with a screw on the side. Set TPS at to a wide variety of voltage outputs by just unclipping you stock TPS clip and plugging in the tool as shown. Loosen screw holding TPS and as you turn watch the voltage change. A higher output equals more Fuel to your engine. Tighten screw, remove TPS tool and re plug your TPS in and test. Try different settings to see what you like best. Can be done with throttle body on bike on the side of the trail in a few minutes after Cover is removed. TPS Tools can not be returned for ANY reason

TPS Tuner 2016-22 SXF / XCF / FC / FX #3

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