The Best Radiator Guards for KTM / Husky

Why Are Radiator Guards So Important?

Radiator Guards are like policemen.  Their job is to protect and to serve.

Up front they protect the radiator from sticks and rocks that can destroy the fragile fins of the radiator. If radiator fins get smashed together, then air can't flow through them. This hurts the radiators cooling ability, and the bike ends up running hot.

On the side, they protrude past the side of the radiator, ensuring that the radiator doesn't get smashed if the bike falls over. They’re strong enough and stout enough to take the hit and stay in place.

These guards also serve by having an ideal shape to draw in air while the bike is moving, helping air get to the fins of the radiator with the least possible resistance. Many others on the market restrict too much airflow, which is especially important when lugging around at low speeds.

The Radiator Guard Crossbars really shine when the bike takes a hard hit… because it bolts the guards to each other, and to the frame. This is especially important when there’s strong forward or backward momentum when the bike goes down.

Taking a straight hit from the side when the bike just falls over is one thing… because the guard pushes into the frame and the frame absorbs all the force.

But when the bike is still moving forward or backwards when it falls, the guard catches the ground and has a tendency to RIP away from the bike. Usually there’s only two small 6mm bolts and the plastic radiator shroud that hold everything in place, but many riders find that these weak parts usually aren't up to the task.

With our Radiator Guard Crossbar, the little 6 mm bolts don't have to take all the responsibility of holding the guards on, because one guard is connected to the other so they act as a team.

When one guard tries to pull away, it pulls the other one into the frame, which stops the movement. And thus, neither of the guards comes off. Which means you finish the ride or the race!

If you’d like to pick up the Radiator Guard and Crossbar Brace, you can find the products for your specific bike below.

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