Instructions for using the TPS Tool #3 For the 2017 - 19 EXC-F and FE-S 250 / 350. Also for 2016-17 SXF / XCF , 2016-19 FC / FX. Also works to adjust TPS on 2017-19 450 / 500 / 501 EXC-F / FE-S, but for these bikes the tuner will not give the bike enough fuel past half throttle.

1. Remove the gas tank. To get set up so that you can easily get to the Throttle Position Sensor ( TPS ), it makes it much easier to take the gas tank off, so that you can twist the throttle body to the side and get the cover off, that covers the TPS.

After you get the cover off, it’s very easy to have access to the TPS for quick tuning.

The purpose of TPS tuning is to easily ADD or SUBTRACT fuel to the engine for the best engine performance.


2. Remove the bolts holding the engine mount, as shown
above, to have easier access. Loosen the clamp on the from
air boot and rear air boot, so that you can twist the throttle
body downward.


3. Remove the TPS cover. Twisting the throttle body down lets you easily get to the 2 phillips head screws that hold the cover on over the TPS sensor. 


4.  Remove clip from TPS. With the cover off, you can get to the blue clip on the TPS. Squeeze the clip in and pull it off.

When you get the TPS tool and turn it on, it will read
all zero’s on the meter . This is correct.


After you have unclipped the stock TPS clip, plug the TPS tool onto the TPS. On 2017 EXC and FE bikes, it should read somewhere in the range of .50 - .58, depending on where the red idle screw is set and where the TPS was actually set at the factory but as a rule, if someone hasn’t already changed the TPS position.

On the 2017 EXC and FE, assuming the bikes ECU has the stock program in it, these output numbers are to low and this causes the bike to run to lean. Loosen the 2 torx screws on the tps that holds it to the throttle body so that you can twist the tps.


After you have loosened the 2 torxs screws, you can twist the TPS clock wise or counter clock wise. This will change the reading on the meter. Turning the TPS so that the meter reads a higher output number, such as the .64 shown here, adds fuel to the bike and makes it run richer. A lower number makes it leaner.

After you set the TPS to the desired number you would like
to try, you can just tighten down the lower torx screw to hold
the TPS in place. This male it easy to get to the screw to adjust the TPS while on the trail. 


Unclip the meter, turn it off, clip the blue TPS clip from the bike back on. Straighten out the throttle body, tighten the boot clamps and put the bike back together and ride. With the cover left off and just the bottom screw tight, you now have easy access to put the meter back on and make quick changes until you find your happy setting.

Tuning Number Ideas for 250s & 350s Only: Don’t worry about where the idle is set in relation to numbers. On 2017 EXC and FE totally stock bikes, even the stock settings are to lean. You’ll find somewhere between .67 and .72 will make the bike run far better. If you have opened up the exhaust flow with our end cap or muffler changes, .70 to .78 will be your best area to play around in. If removing the reeds from the intake tract and using our POWER TUBE intake, then .72 - .78 is the range. Using our fuel rail will not change your tuning ranges.