In the pic above, you can see the valve stem at the top of the rim and the rim lock 4 spokes over to the right

Somewhere around 2012, KTM decided that it was smart to put the rim lock about 4 " or 4 spokes away from the tubes valve stem.  Seems the reasoning was, that you can change a tire faster this way, if entered in the ISDE 6 days events.

That's cool and all, but for us who don't do that, the placing of all this weight on one side of the wheel, just creates a big un balance.  That's why at speeds of over 50 mph, you may start getting the hops and wobbles, out of the front end.

The wobbles aren't as noticeable in the rear, as the weight from you sitting on the bike, dumbs is down a bit.  But on road sections above 50 mph for more than a few miles, you can definitely tell something is going on back there.  So it's worth it to do the rear end and well 

After putting enough KTM wheels on the spin balancer, with various tires in place, it became apparent that an average of  3 ounces of weight on the front, and rear, placed across from the centerline of the valve stem and rim lock, was the easy fix.

Some set ups would require more and some less, for a "perfect" balance, but 3 ounces was always the average weight for a great fix

So we came up with a clever fix.  After trying all the general weights on the spokes or rims, it was apparent that a better fix was needed, that would actually stay in place during the course of offroad use.

The clamp weights, you see above were born. Made of stainless steel, and weighing 3 ounces, they clamp firm to the spokes and STAY IN PLACE

dirt bike wheel weights front wheel.jpeg

Here you can see the placement on the front and rear wheels.

Since the 2 plates pull together pretty tight, they don't pack with a lot of mud, that would throw the balance off.

They work with any tube and tire, just not for use with a tubless setup, as that would be a different balance factor on the wheel

Weights sold as one weight for one wheel. Same weight is used on front or rear wheel