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Instructions for installing BDSB performance fuel rail for KTM & Husqvarna bikes. For 2017- 2024  SXF / XCF / FC / FX &  2017-2024  KTM & Husky 4 Strokes 250 / 350 / 450 / 500 / 501

The whole goal of changing the fuel rail, is to get rid of the kink, in the angle change of the stock one.   Just like a kink in a hose, right before the end of the hose, there is a big loss in the strength of flow of fluid, with this set up.


By providing a straighter of fuel to the injector, as you can see our new fuel rail does, hesitations in quick throttle bursts are eliminated.  


Getting rid of the hesitations that cause the fueling to go lean for just a second, is what gets rid of the flameouts and / or stalling


The easiest way to get to the fuel rail, is to take the muffler off and remove the mid pipe.  Remove the bolt here and slide the pipe backwards and out.

taking off mid pipe.jpeg

Just use an 8 mm wrench for little socket, to get the two  8 mm bolts off.   Then the fuel rail will pull downward, and the fuel injector will most likely come down with it

unscrewing stock rail.jpeg

Go ahead and pull the injector out of the fuel rail

injector coming out of stock fuel rail.jpeg

Just grab the tang of the clamp with your side snips, or dykes pliers. Squeeze underneath the clamps top layer, and it will come up.  Just grab it now and peel it apart.    Twist the hose to break it loose, and remove from the fuel rail

un doing clips on stock fuel rail.jpeg

Install the injector in the new fuel rail. You may spray some lube on the injectors O ring, to hep it in there easier.  Make sure the seal between the injector and throttle body, is on the injector before inserting back in the throttle body.  You see the seal cocked sideways in the above pic.   Sometimes it stays in the throttle body.  It's best to pick out of the body and put on the injector before re installation.   Re use stock screws

injector in new rail to install.jpeg
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