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90-Degree Fuel Fitting for All Tanks

Installation Instructions

     The main reason you would switch from the stock 90 fitting, is that the stock shell is plastic. This means that if you fall and it hits a rock, then it may split and leave you stranded.  Others make metal 90 fittings besides us.

   The reason you would pick ours over the others, is that our passageways for fuel flow, are the only ones on the market that are big enough to keep the bike from leaning out when wide open for more than 3 seconds.

   Leaning out when wide open isn't a good situation for snow bikes, desert racers or even outdoor motocross.

                           Stick with ours and know you are covered


     Below is our #1 90 degree fuel fitting, for all tanks.  You'd use this one for the 2012-2019 EXCF / XCFW / FE / FE-S bikes.  You get 2 inside spigots, each of different length, to fit either the stock tank, or you can use the shorter one, to fit any aftermarket tank.


     The images above, help you understand why you would use our 90 degree gas tank fitting, on a 2012 - 2016 model bike.   You can see the stock set up on the right, and easily understand how susceptible the fuel line would be.   Sticking down in this fashion, leaves the line out there, for any tree branch to catch it and rip it off. Or even just puncture it.  With 50 psi of fuel pressure in the line, any pin hole will quickly drain your tank and leave you stranded.


     Our 90 degree tank fitting, shown on the left, is the lowest profile 90 on the market, and tucks the fuel line inside, in a way where it couldn't be any safer from damage. 

fuel bundle 2.jpeg
tpi oil inj plug on bike.jpeg

     Orientation on a 2021 500 with our fuel rail                   Orientation on a 2022 300 TPI with our 

                                                                                                                   injector relocation block

                    You can twist it to whatever exit is needed. Tighten down with 1/4" ratchet 

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