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90 Degree Fuel Tank Fitting

Instructions for installing the 90 degree fuel tank fitting for all 2012-2022 KTM and Husqvarna 250/350/450/500/501 bikes and TPI models.

In the fuel bundle #1 kit, you get both a shorter inside spigot and a longer inside spigot.  The longer one, has the groove cut around the outside of it.

        The longer one, with the groove, it to fit the thicker stock tanks, that come on the 2012-19  EXC F , XCFW, FE and FE 'S models.

        The shorter spigot, is to fit the tank fitting to thinner aftermarket tanks.

         In the fuel bundle #2 kit, you only get the smaller inside spigot.   This is the one needed to fit all the thinner stock tanks for 2016-22  SXF , XCF , FC , FX , all TPI bikes and 2020 - 22  EXCF , XCFW , FE , FE-S

90 deg tank fitting #1.jpeg

      You'll get 2 larger O rings and one smaller one.  One of the larger ones is just a spare if needed.

      The smaller one goes on the spigot and the larger one goes between the tank and the banjo fitting.

      A little grease on the O rings, always helps it snug down a bit easier

90 apart.jpeg

You don’t need to get the fittings exremely tight. A slight movement when tight is good as it allows some flex upon a big crash or impact, which may help keep it from breaking off.

      This 90 tightens down with a 1/4” ratchet.

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