KTM & Husqvarna Power Bundles!

For Unites States & Canada Model Bikes

If you want to experience the greatest  power gains for the lowest dollar amount, this KTM / Husqvarna bike build is for you! With our power bundle kit with end cap you'll see average increases of 10-15hp while benefiting from a smoother, stronger running engine, all without changing out your stock muffler! We have power bundle kits for most 2012 - 2021 KTM / Husqvarna dual sport bikes. 



      The one bike that runs better with the fuel programmer, over the booster plug / regulator, is the 2020 - 21 350 EXCF / XCFW / FE and FE-S.  The 350 likes to be rich in the midrange, to get a strong mid range pull.  The fuel programmer gets rid of the flat spots you see on that bike's dyno chart better than the booster plug.

     The 2020-22 500 and 501's however, run the same with either kit.  

     All the other bikes ( years ) you can go either way (booster plug or fuel programmer), as they really run the same in the end.  The only difference is the programmers allow you to play with the fueling if you want, and the booster plug / regulator, you just plug in and get a safe air / fuel ratio in the 13 - 14.5: 1 range