In-Tank Fuel Filter / Mahle KL 97 Stock Upgrade

Since we make parts and design various race items for ktm and husky teams, we associate with the most interesting people.  One of the engineers once told us that one of the biggest problem areas of the fuel system is the stock in tank fuel filter.

This stock part is called a Mahle KL 97, and it has a cheap plastic shell that likes to crack. If this happens, fuel pressure is lost.  If pressure is lost, the bike will run poorly, if at all.  This is not acceptable.

And even if it doesn't split, it's only a 40 micron filtering element.

Microns are the size of the particles that can pass through the element. If Bosch fuel injection, which is used in your automobile, recommends a 5 micron filter, then 40 is probably way too big.

But when the engineer was asked:

“Why do you use that plastic filter?"

His answer was, “That's all we have!”

That’s because it's the only fuel injection filter that can handle the 50 psi pressure, and is small enough to fit into the fuel tank through the access hole.

He then told us, “This is what you need to make… a filter that fits in the tank, that won't split, and that comes with a better filter".

So that’s what we did.

In the image above, you can easily see the additional filtering area of ours vs. stock.

When cut apart and laid next to each other, we have twice the filtering area.

This is one reason we can use a 10 micron filter element, instead of the stock 40 micron filter element.

And… our Fuel Filter is designed to handle up to 60 psi of continuous pressure.

Below you can see the assembly still fits together perfectly, with no kinks in the hoses, because we provide the hoses you need to keep everything where it’s supposed to be.

On each side of the filter, there is a plastic corrugated fuel line. They have to be plastic, to not disintegrate in the gas and be able to handle the fuel pressure.

If you mess one up for some reason and need to replace it, you can't get one anywhere, so we had them custom made. 

They are the same 4" or 100 mm length as stock and have the same inner diameters on the ends.

This ensures no kinks and no leaks. Other tubes you may find are to long or slightly to big on the inner diameters, which may cause leaking and poor performance

I should mention, there ARE a few other filters you can find for cheap, that are about this size and that others suggest to use.  

These filters would most notably be the WIX brand 33095 or the NAPA brand 3095, and they are most likely using the same filter. 

The BIG possible problem with using these is they’re made for carbureted automobiles, or fuel injected cars that use a low pressure.

In testing we’ve had two of them blow the filter elements out, which means they obviously can't handle the constant 50-psi pressure of these motorcycle fuel injection systems.

Fuel Filter Specifications:



Spigot Size:



3.12” or 5/16” or 8mm

Bikes This Filter Fits:


2011 - 19 — SXF 350

2012 - 19 — SXF, XCF 250 / 350 / 450

2012 - 19 — EXC, EXC-F 250 / 350 / 450 / 500

2012 - 16 — XCW, XCW-F 250 / 350 / 450 / 500

2008 - 19 — All 690 models, All TPI Bikes


2013 - 19 — FE, FE-S 250 / 350 / 450 / 501

2014 - 19 — FX, FC 250 / 350 / 450

2016-19 — All 701 models, All TPI Bikes


2009 - 2013 — All FE models


2009 - 2018 — Monster 

Our Fuel Filter already comes with one filter, so you’ll only need to buy the rebuild kit below if you need a new filter after using it for a long time.

You can pick up our Fuel Filter that’s designed to be much stronger than stock filters, and can handle up to 60-psi of continuous pressure for only $89.95.

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