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Instructions for removing the reeds from the intake tract and installing the Power Intake Tube on 2017-2020 EXC-F, XCF-W and FE, FE-S Bikes.

After removing the air filter, you’ll need to remove the rubber funnel on the outside of the reed cage. Cut along the side of the rubber at one part and then you can get a flat blade screwdriver in the slot you cut and you should be able to pick the rubber piece out enough to where it will just pull out.  It’s just held in by rubber cement so it isn’t that hard to get out.


There is nothing holding the reed cage in place other than friction so you can pick it out by digging a screwdriver in the side and prying and also pulling on it and wiggling it out with pliers.cement so it isn’t that hard to get out.


You may want to take the intake air temp sensor out of the bottom of the airboot before you try to slide the intake tube into the boot. You don’t need to remove it but if you don’t you will want to work the tube upward as you move it inward so that it doesn’t get held up on the sensor.


     Before sliding the tube in, it helps to loosen the clamp that holds the air boot to the throttle body.

     When you get the tube in as far as you can, then tighten it back down and it will help hold on place

If you are having trouble sliding the tube in all the way, you may want to just spray some lube on it. The hole in the tube goes down and the flat cut along the side goes outward.

KTM intake tube partly in.jpeg

This is how it looks when fit properly into the 450, 500 and 501. It fits in further than the 350 fitment. The hole in the bottom will not make it all the way to where the intake sensor will be in the middle, like on the 350’s. It will only go in there so far.

Just re-install your filter and temp sensor if your removed it. Now go have fun!

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