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Instructions for installing our clutch weight. The clutch weight is the same for all bikes with the DDS clutch it is listed to fit. If attempting to install on a bike not listed for on our site, whether model or year or your country’s model, it’s up to you to make sure it clears and  doesn’t rub inside your clutch cover.

Just lean your bike over a ways, so the oil doesn’t come out
when you take the clutch cover off. Remove clutch coverand then remove the bolts holding the assembly together.
You can just hold the assembly there as none if it changes.


The washer on the top of the assembly will have 3 markings on it. Here you see the 1,2 and 3 next to the holes.

     These are the clutch tension settings. Therefore if you run the bolt in the 2 position , then spring tension and clutch pull is medium.

     Number 1 is lighter and 3 the hardest.   Stock is 2.     

     Just pay attention to it when putting back together.  With the 13 oz weight, you may want to use number 3, to avoid against any slippage of the clutch

clucth position washer.jpeg

Go ahead and add the weight to the top of the assembly and tighten it back down. 

IMPORTANT: If your clutch weight arrived with bolts included, please use them in place of the stock bolts.

And that’s it. You can follow the torque specs in the manual if you’d like. Or just get them nice and tight.

The weight has been tested on all bikes that it’s specifically listed for, so if you hear any rubbing noises or the bike turns over slow, it isn’t on right.

13 on bike.jpeg

On some of the newer 250's and 350's, there are these steel plates inside the stock cover.  They are suppose to reduce engine noise.

     You will not only have ti remove them, by un screwing them, but you will want to check to make sure the clutch weight doesn't rub on the screw mounts a well.

     You'll have to install the cover and spin the engine over, and then remove cover and see if there are rub marks.

     If so, you'd want to remove some material with a grinder of some sort or file or something

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