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Fuel Rail for 2017-2023 KTM / Husqvarna

When we first unveiled the fuel rail for the 2012-16 bikes back in 2016, it solved so many problems and made the bikes work so much better, that it instantly became one of our top sellers.

It improved things like starting easier, quicker acceleration, significantly improving flameouts / stalling problems, and even increasing top end speed.


Until the fuel rail for the 2017+ models came out, the 2012-16 fuel rail was the most popular product. It actually became the #1 selling item for 4 months straight, all because it solved or helped with so many issues.

Bottom line is, it works.

If you don't know what a fuel rail is, it's the connecting piece between your rubber fuel line and the fuel injector itself.

The fuel injection system is under high pressure and restrictions, or kinks in the system can be detrimental to fuel flow, causing running problems.

The stock fuel rail, is the black piece on the left (below).  It directs the fuel stream down and away from the injectors entrance hole.

Our fuel rail, is the aluminum piece on the right that shoots the fuel stream almost directly into the injectors entrance hole.

IMG_0161+(1) (1).jpg

Below is a good pic from the side that the entrance hole into the injector would see.

You can see that the stock fuel rail, on the right, has a small hole that shoots downward, away from the injector.


This, in itself is bad enough for uninterrupted fuel flow, but then it goes into a large chamber, to where it has to change direction at more than 90-degrees and then find its way into the small hole of the injector.

Ours, on the left, not only has an entrance angle of only 20 degrees different than the injectors hole, but it tapers down to the same size as, and matches up to the injectors entrance hole.

This provides an instantaneous fuel flow stream, which eliminates the leaning out hesitation, every time you crack the throttle.


So you can see here, how streamlined the fuel can now flow from the 90-Degree Tank Fitting, into and through the new fuel rail, then into the injector.

Because of this, it eliminates many running problems, such as hard starting, lags in quick acceleration response, get up and go power, stalling, and flameouts.  It's key to happiness and good running.

Hundreds sold in just a few months, even to people like supercross and motocross teams around the world, is pretty good proof that it really works.

It's a must have for any 2017 and newer models

You can pick one up below for only $39.95.

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