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Installation Instructions

This OBD 2 Code Reader allows you to identify engine codes, clear codes, and obtain diagnostic real time info from your engine. All information is displayed on your phone via a direct Wi-Fi connection with the reader. The cord from the reader plugs in to your diagnostic port. Many times the plug has a cap on it, that will need to be removed first. The diagnostic port is normally around the area of the battery and ECU. Refer to your owners manual for location, if needed

The lights need to be lit up on the reader for it to be able to connect to your phone. You may need to have the bike running for this. If the light is not on, start up your bike.

To link to the reader with your phone, you will first need to download the ELM 327 app. It looks like this and says "car scanner" on it. Any other app won't work.

After the app is downloaded and on your phone, and the bike has the reader powered up (lights are on), you'll make the connection. Go into the Wi-Fi settings on your phone. If your phone is connected to your home Wi-Fi, you will probably have to disconnect from it. Then you can connect to the OBDII reader. Make sure you confirm your connection in your Wi-Fi settings.

Now just open the ELM327 app and click 'connect'. The phone should pick up the signals and connect within 30 seconds.

You can click on " all sensors" or "live data" and get real time numbers, like running rpm. You can adjust your rpm or see your water temp and other things.

You can also go to "diagnostic codes" to read codes and erase them. There are also the other functions you can check as well. You can upgrade the app to get even more functions.

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