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30 Day Money-back Guarantee


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It has a 30 day money back guarantee.  The only ECU service in the dirt bike industry that has this.  You have nothing to lose.  Not even a competing aftermarket ecu, at more than twice the price, has a satisfaction guarantee.

Advantages for MX Offroad Bikes

  • No more herky jerky throttle right off of idle.

  • No more flameouts

  • Stronger yet smoother from idle into mid range

  • Map 1 is the less aggressive map. Smooth, strong bottom into a more docile mid range and good top

  • Map 2 is designed to be a rocketship. Smooth and and even stronger on the bottom. Then stronger than stock until the rev limiter

The ECU remap is designed to perform as well as, or better than, any aftermarket ecu out there, and at less than half of the price.

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Recent MX Mapping Reviews

"Just got back from my normal offroad test loop. It has it all to test. I'd do a loop with the stock ecu and then switched. It was better everywhere. And I mean everywhere.  I could ride a gear higher and even when I did, I couldn't get it to flameout.  And it pulled so hard in 3rd gear, that I just kept on trucking instead of having to shift into 4th briefly.  Really good job and thanks for letting me be a crash test dummy."

Mike in Victorville, CA on a 2023 FX 450 

"We took 3 of the ecus out with us today on our main snow hill.  We have a 2nd gear hill, a 3rd gear hill and a 4th gear hill.  We had the PR2 vortex, as we discussed before and a EJK piggyback.  You could make the piggyback run a tad better on the very top, by adding a little fuel.  


The vortex, with the snowbike tune, always did a bit better than that, but was just supposed to be used for snowbiking and not great for offroad.  Then the one you sent, marked " tester C ", destroyed them all.  Testers A and B were good too, with B being better than A.  But C had the pull and extra top end pull we wanted.  


 Jake says at this rate, we are waiting for ecu " D ".  Seriously though, our data acquisition showed 2 seconds faster up the 3 rd gear hill and 4 seconds faster up the 4th gear hill.  We did a few times to confirm and always right about there.  


Jake says sell those things.  The fact that you said this was the offroad favorite as well, is most exciting.  One ecu for all seasons.


Paul and Jake,  Vancouver, Canada

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