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Exhaust / Muffler Performance

For 2020 - 23 KTM & Husky EXCF/WXCF/FE/FE-S

On the 2020 through 2023 mufflers, for the KTM EXCF / XCFW and Husqvarna FE-S /FE models, all you need for ultimate performance is a new end cap.

You DO NOT need a new muffler.  Why?  All the performance restrictions are in the end cap, not the rest of the muffler.

And the end cap we sell, made by PinIt racing, is the best in the business.  Why?  Well just look at this first picture.

Two reasons that this end cap is better than any other:

1. It's the only one to direct the exhaust BELOW the turn signal. It is currently the only one on the market that won't burn your turn signal off.

2. It's designed to look a lot like the stock end cap.  Instead of catching the eye of any law enforcement, it just get's dismissed as stock.  Depending on where you live nowadays, that can be a big deal.

img 1.jpeg

You can see from the outlet hole of the stock end cap, and the Pin It cap, just how restrictive the stock cap is at the outlet.

img 2.jpeg

Even from the  entrance side of the end cap, you can see how the dead end on the stock end cap, completely blocks the flow of exhaust.

img 3.jpeg

Even though the muffler has a perforated cone, inside the muffler core, this is only a sound deadening device.  The stock moto race mufflers from the Huqsqvarna race bikes, have the same cone.  This is just how the mufflers control sound, and is not detrimental to the performance.

img 5.jpeg

At the end of the day, you have to control sound somehow.  Aftermarket mufflers do it in the end cap.  This muffler now does it in the core, and our end cap can be more wide open than say an FMF muffler would be, because of that.


So for the low price of the exhaust end cap from PinIt Racing, you can make the same power as a $500 - $600 muffler.


You can also get the quiet insert for a scant $15, and control sound within minutes.

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