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Grunt Exhaust Manifold

Instructions for installing BDSP Grunt Exhause Manifold for KTM & Husqvarna model bikes.

You will need to remove the mufffler. The next step is to remove the exhaust pipe springs that pull the head pipe to the exhaust flange. A pipe spring puller obviously works the best but you can try needle nose vise grips if you don’t have a pipe spring puller.


Next you will un-bolt the pipe from the frame. At this point yous hould be able to just slide the pipe forwards, off of the manifold. You don’t have to remove the pipe completely if you don’t want to. It’s easier to get to the manifold if you do, but I just slide it forward.


You can get to the two 8mm head bolts that hold the manifold to the cylinder through the front here. Take them out slowly, as a few times I’ve dropped one into the open head pipe. Then you have to take the shock off and the pipe off to get the bolt out. Watch the springs too, if they are still on the flange.


Using greas on the new manifold and the gasket helps a lot as it holds the assembly in place on the cylinder as you are fitting the bolts back into place. You still want to smear a little grease around the O-rings as well, so that the pipe will slide on easier.

Re-install the springs and put the bike back together. It will stink a little when you first run it, as the grease burns away and the O-rings heat up.

No go wheelie!

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