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Metallic Texture

Installation Instructions

This product will add 13 oz of actual rotating weight to the clutch assembly. It's more effective that even the largest 13 oz clutch weight, because the diameter of where the weight is placed, is at a much greater diameter.

Go ahead and lean your bike over to the shifter side. if you lay it all the way down. gas may spill from your tank. You only need to lean over 45 degrees or so, so the engine oil doesn't escape.

This product does not require a change of clutch cover or a spacing out of the cover. So after removing your cover, you'll take out the 6. bolts, that hold the pressure plate assembly down

Just pull the whole top assembly off. Leave the bolts in the same holes. You'll just drop this assembly down on the new steel plate

Remove the thin steel ring from the stock pressure plate

Remove the stock pressure plate and the first steel clutch plate. The steel clutch plate is part of the new pressure plate, so if you don't remove it, the new part won't work. It's easiest to push your finger down in the center of the stock pressure plate, to separate the throw bearing from the plate. It can just stay in place in the clutch assembly

Install the new plate and re install the thin steel ring

Reinstall the top parts. Torque the bolts to the manufactures suggested values and you are done. Your clutch should work as it did normal.

It's important that you set your clutch pressure ring using the bolts going through the #3 holes. Your plate may have 3 lines instead of a number. On 2017 and newer bikes, you may be fine with #2. If any clutch issues though, move to 3.

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