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Purple - Blue Gradient

Large Area Fuel Filter

Fits 2013-2020 KTM 4 strokes size 250 through 500, and 2015-2020 Husqvarna 4 strokes size 250 through 501. Also all 2018-2020 TPI Bikes.

This is your fuel line quick disconnect. Squeeze the flat metal part inward and pull the aluminum side from the black plastic side. Your fuel line is now disconnected.

Remove the crimp-on type hose clamp from the line, if it still has one of those kinds. Using side snips or dykes style of pliers to catch the side of the crimp on clamp and pull it away from itself is the easiest way to remove it.


Then remove the stock aluminum piece, as shown here.


Install the new filter this way. When inserting the O-ringe end into the plastic side, make sure you hear a click to ensure the safety lock has clicked into place.

You may want to use the extra piece of fuel line provided, depending on which size bike and year you have, to ensure that the fuel line assembly is running without any kinks.

Also make sure, especially on the 450’s and 500’s, that the filter has ample room to not bank against the rubber cap on the starter motor (finger on in picture). Use a zip tie to hold up and away if needed.

The bike will take a little while to prime the filter and start. Hold starter on for a few seconds then quit. After the 3rd or 5th time it will start up.

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