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KTM Husky ECU Mapping Services

ECU Performance Mappings


We offer ECU Mapping Services for KTM, Husky & GasGas Enduro, DualSport, Offroad and Adventure bikes, including Race / MX bikes. We offer two options:


1. Choose our mail-in mapping service, where you can send your stock ECU to us in the mail for mapping. This option is the least expensive, and we cover the return shipping.


2. Purchase a pre-mapped ECU if you wish to keep your stock ECU on hand. If you choose to purchase a pre-mapped ECU from us, you can opt to send us your stock ECU within 30 days, and we will buy it from you for a nice sum.

Mail-In ECU Mapping Services

Send us your stock ECU in the mail for performance mapping. We pay return shipping costs. Click 'Learn More' for full details on each of our ECU Mapping services and what to expect.

Purchase Pre-Mapped ECU Core

We also have ECU cores in-stock, pre-mapped and ready to mail out for 4-Stroke and 2-Stroke TBI bikes. The selection here is limited to 4-Stroke and TBI 2-Stroke Models. For TPI, Adventure and MX mappings, you must proceed with the mail-in option above.


The pre-mapped ECU core option is a good choice if you wish to keep your stock ECU core handy. The ultimately good news is we will pay you a nice sum for your stock ECU core if you mail it to us in good condition within 30 days of receiving your pre-mapped core. Find out more by clicking on the mapping of your choice.