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2017-2019 450 4-Stroke ECU Mapping

2017-2019 450 4-Stroke ECU Mapping


Instead of removing and sending in your ECU to us for mapping (which you can do here), you can directly purchase an ECU from us that has already been mapped. You can always mail your stock ECU core to us within 35 days of receiving your new mapping, and we will credit you back $400 for the core.


We Offer a 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee!

Return your mapped core to us within 35 days of receipt for a full refund

Benefits for 4-Stroke Bikes

  • ​Near perfect fueling. Ranging from 12.8 to 13.5

  • Optimized ignition timing to pull hard throughout

  • Virtually impossible to flame out or stall

  • Rev limiter raised 600-800 rpm

  • Fan turn on temp lowered

  • Designed for premium pump fuel

  • Your stock map switch still works as normal

  • No delete plugs needed or engine codes​

What Makes Our Mapping The Best?

  • It's 1/3 the price of aftermarket ECUs, with better performance

  • The only ECU on the market with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee

  • HUGE performance gains throughout

  • Almost impossible to stall and runs much cooler

  • Still has 2 maps. One for more power and one for more controllable power

  • Stock traction control switch still works

  • Designed for use with most slip-ons and end caps

  • For use with the reeds taken out of the intake tract

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