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2024 Power Bundle - Silver Cap

2024 Power Bundle - Silver Cap


This kit includes all you REALLY need, to make the BIG changes in your bikes performance.  


The power gains start right from the bottom and grow to over a 20 hp gain at the rev limiter.  Purely amazing. Plus it runs so much cooler and never stalls out.


The intake tube lets you get the reeds out of the intake tract, and get the correct shape of a performance intake back.


The end cap fixes the performance problems with your stock exhaust and gets it as good as any slip on muffler.


The re-programming of your stock ecu (which you mail in), gives you the perfect fueling, ignition timing and other functions.  It turns off all emisions controls, so no added costs of various dongles.


These are your 3 main players in BIG performance.  Other parts can be added to even further performance, but these are the big gains.


20  horsepower increase over stock on any 2024 350 and  on 500/501 XW-F / EXC-F / XC-FW / FE / FE-S / FE-W / ES



  • ECU Not Included

    The purchase price does not include an ECU. You will receive instructions for sending in your unit for re-mapping after your complete your purchase.