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Fuel Programmers & ECUs for KTM / Husky / GAS GAS

Please read this, as these programmers works differently on different year bikes.

This is a straight forward fuel adder.  You can add 0-10% fuel on the bottom end, 5 - 40 % in the midrange and 5 - 40 % on top end.  It has an adjustable accelerator pump circuit.  You can change at which RPM the midrange and top end fuel adding circuits turn on

If your bike is years 2017 - 2019, then this adds fuel, exactly as descried above.

If your bike is a 2020 - 23 however, and has an oxygen sensor ( O2 ) sensor in the headpipe, then the bike will not let you add fuel to it, when the 02 sensor is working. This is when the bike is below 6000 rpm and below about 1/2 throttle.


Here, the bike will try to fight any added fuel and stay at the mileage and emissions friendly 14.7 :1  

At rpms past 6000 or any rpm when the throttle is above 6000 however, you can add all the fuel you want..

So if you want to add fuel to the 2020 - 23 bike, you need to use the  O2 eliminator dongle you see as the first listing.


This will keep the ECU from fighting the added fuel, and you can make the bike as rich as you want down low.