KTM / Husky / GAS GAS ECU Fuel Programmers +

NEW! Booster Plugs & High Pressure Fuel Regulators

All the bikes run stronger from mid range up to top, with the programmer over the booster plug / regulator kits. However on the 450's - 500's and 501 bikes, the booster plug / reg kits can be used for general riding and good mileage. These kits don't have the fuel you'd need though for snow bikes longer wide open running.


The bike that runs better with the fuel programmer, over the booster plug / regulator, is the 2020 - 22 350 EXCF / XCFW / FE and FE-S. The 350 likes to be rich in the midrange, to get a strong mid range pull.  This gets rid of the flat spot you see on that bikes dyno chart