KTM & Husky ECU Fuel Programmers

NEW! Booster Plugs & High Pressure Fuel Regulators

Right now, because of this virus situation, we have lowered the price on many things, to help you out with staying riding. Also, we are adding and improving products so you keep having the best value for money and the best performance. We appreciate your business.  

It needs a point made, that the one bike that runs better with the fuel programmer, over the booster plug / regulator, is the 2020 - 21 350 EXCF / XCFW / FE and FE-S.  The 350 likes to be rich in the midrange, to get a strong mid range pull.  This gets rid of the flat spot you see on that bikes dyno chart

Product Knowledge
Using email will get you a response the quickest, since our phone reception is not very good in the shop. 
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Best Dual Sport Bikes designs performance aftermarket parts for KTM and Husqvarna brand bikes. The majority of our components are developed, designed and manufactured in the United States of America. Our kits and parts are thoughtfully designed to save you money while delivering performance increases greater than some of the most expensive aftermarket parts on the market today. 

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