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Fuel Programmers for KTM / Husky / GAS GAS

Even though this page is still up for piggyback programmers, you'll notice that a couple are still in stock.  The reason is that ALL of them have been, or will be replaced by our ECU reprogramming services.

A piggyback programmer only helps with adding fuel.  But re-mapping your ECU helps with fixing ignition timing, raising rpm limits and turning on other aspects at better rpm limits or temps.  

So hold tight and don't spend your money yet on less than optimal programmers. We have ECU mapping coming for KLX 250/300, CRF 300/450 L,  KTM 390 ADV and HUSKY 401.  And most all of the big adventure bikes.

We currently have ECU remapping available for most all KTM and HUSKY 2-Stroke and 4-Stroke bikes, which continue to roll in the testimonials.

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