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Receiving and Assembling your BDSB Fuel Pump Assembly

Instructions for receiving and assembling your Best Dual Sport Bike fuel pump assembly.

When you get the fuel pump assembly from us. This is what you’ll get, plus the clamps to tighten the hoses to the pump and filter


You’ll push the filter holder down on the pump and since it fits snug, go ahead and bang it on. You see the little metal star washer at the bottom of the pic.


This is used to secure the filter holder to the pump for assembly line purposes. It doesn’t need to be on there but some people sleep better with it on the little metal nubby for security


At this point , if you want to push the little securing washer down, you can use a small socket and push down all the way


The filtering strainer itself just pushes down and clips on to the holder you just installed.


When you install the new hose or hoses on the pump or filter, it works far easier to heat up the ends some how to make it pliable. Then it will fit easier without possibly breaking something