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Clutch Weights for KTM / Husqvarna and GAS GAS

Installation Instructions

9 weight.jpeg
11 weight.jpeg
13 weight.jpeg

We offer         9 ounce                                                              11 ounce                                                        and 13 ounce

                                                             clutch weights, for the DDS ( diaphragm style ) clutch 

Why Clutch Weights are a brilliant substitute for flywheel weights.

1. There isn't much for flywheel weights for newer KTM's and Husky’s.

2. Our large Clutch Weights are more than double the weight of available flywheel weights.

3. Clutch Weights are a larger diameter than flywheel weights.

4. Clutch Weights bolt on in minutes and can be changed on the side of a trail.

5. Clutch Weights are half the price of flywheel weights.

Based on reasons 1-5, you don't have to be that smart to figure out how a Clutch Weight compares to a flywheel weight.

And now we have three weight sizes, so you can get the best outcome for your needs.  

Important Note: After 2 years of doing this, and getting lots of feedback, that weights under 9 ounces may as well not even be there. And when the weight gets over 16 ounces, people have reported throttle response slowing down on 450 EXC/FE’s and all 250 / 350's.

One of the main questions we get is "what is the most popular weight size"

     Based off of pure sales numbers, the 11 is.  Part of that reason is , it fits under the stock clutch cover on TPI bikes.

     The 13 is the better choice though for "woods" mainly riding.   Which 

is feedback from riders on 350,450 and 500 cc bikes

So, we have the 9 ounce weight which fits under any stock clutch cover (except for some 250's and 350's.  They will fit, but you have to remove the small steel plates, bolted inside some years covers.  It's not hard.

And we have the 11 oz (our most popular), and the 13 ounce options that give astounding traction in off-road situations.

Many of the applications, especially 11 and 13 ounce weights on 2017 and newer 4 strokes, require our bigger clutch cover to fit.

Our standard 11 oz. Clutch Weight, shown to the left and right, bolts right onto the outside of the stock KTM and Husqvarna diaphram style clutch, also known as a DDS clutch. 


It fits with the stock clutch cover or our billet version, and is 4.5" in diameter.

It bolts to the inner hub which runs on a bearing on the clutch shaft, so there is no wobble or parts that will wear out.

It gives you tractability in the snot and roots and rocks, but doesn't restrict acceleration or top end.  At least that's what all our own testing and customer feedback has confirmed.

For a measley $59.95 ( but normally on sale for a lot less ) it can't be beat.  And we said it can be used with your STOCK clutch!

13 on bike.jpeg

Our larger 13 oz. Clutch Weights are not only heavier, but a tad larger in diameter

This weight and rotational mass increase is what makes the engines desire to keep rotating so effective.

Again, this only fits with the stock DDS style clutch and you need to use our larger area Big  billet clutch covers for clearance.

Statements like “it's just made my 2017 FX 450 an off-road monster”. It just doesn't stall, it handles better in the sand and whoops, and I'm having to re-train myself that I don't need to have my hand on the clutch all the time.”

To see what we offer for your bike, see below.

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