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"The KLX ECU remap is a Big Improvement in power delivery.  Very noticeable. Totally worth the price.  More power, everywhere in the RPM range.  Especially noticeable in the upper range, where the stock bike would just kind of fall on its face.  Now it will rev out, and continue to provide power.  It's so much more fun to ride with the ECU remap, and no downsides. This is really how it should have been tuned from the factory.  Removing the 2ndary throttle plate was easy.  Modifying the airbox and silencer was no problem.  Idle it steady anywhere I set it from 1500-1800 RPM.  Great job!  Hope you sell a ton of these remaps."


30 Day Money-back Guarantee


KLX 300 ECU Mapping Service


Optimized fueling and ignition timing, along with you removing your secondary throttle valve, results in an easy 4-6 hp gain in mid range power with a stock exhaust and air box.

KLX 300 ECU Performance Mapping- Dyno Chart 2024 2023 2022 2021 2020

In the dyno chart above, the red line (bottom line) is a stock 2023 KLX 300 S bike in 4th gear.


The yellow one (middle one) is with the secondary throttle plate removed.  This takes about 30 minutes of work for you, and it's free.


The orange line (top line) is with our ECU with a stock pipe and air box and the secondary throttle valve out. You have to admit, it's a hell of an improvement!


It's a 4-6 hp improvement through the mid range, and this bike really needs it. With big gains throughout, and snappy throttle response, it's the absolute best modification you can make to your stock KLX bike, after the secondary throttle valve is removed.

What do we do to make your KLX run this good?

1. Fix the ignition timing

We add timing starting at 2200 RPM. We taper it off up to maximum torque. The we retard it a bit until redline. This make the bike much more responsive and also pull harder up to 6000 rpm. The backing of timing from 7500 - 10, 000 rpm, helps with power on top. This is one reason why the ECU reprogram is so much better than just a fuel adding device.

2. Change the Intake Air Pressure (IAP) parameters

It clearly states in the service manual, that the IAP is one of the main inputs the ECU uses at lower rpm's, to determine fuel needs. This is something we have access to inside the ECU tables. A nice performance gain was found here.

3. We optimize fueling

There is a fuel map for each gear, 1-6. Each one was optimized for great fueling, while utilizing the stock 02 sensor.

Advantages for Kawasaki KLX bikes:

This mapping is designed to be used with the secondary throttle plate removed

  • 4-6 hp gains throughout the mid range 

  • Improved throttle response

  • You don't have to twist the throttle as much to have the power needed to go down the highway at 60 mph

  • Better fuel efficiency

The ECU remap is designed to perform as well as, or better than, any aftermarket ecu out there, and at less than half of the price.

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